By the will of Allah SWT, we intend to establish a central congregation facility for the growing ummah in Melbourne’s far northern suburb in Craigieburn. Centrally located near the train station and also Craigieburn Central Shopping Centre, this facilty is easily accessible via public transport or car.  The lot measures approximately 10,000 square metres and we have already drawn up plans for the masjid building and its many functions.

In addition to the five daily prayers and Jumah, this facility will house a sporting complex, dawah centre, classrooms, media hub and much more!  As we go into the construction phase we will reveal our plans for this exciting new venue in shaa Allah.

We ask you to make sincere du’aa to Allah SWT so that this project will be completed in the near future so we can build His house for the benefit of all Muslims in the nearby neighbourhoods.  Jazakallah khair for your support and intentions in helping us.