By the will of Allah SWT we are constructing a masjid and community center in Craigieburn & Mickleham area in Melbourne’s, this area is lacking the facilities for the ummah to congregate and have Jummah prayers, community events and classes. We are looking for investors of the akhirah to help fund the project and raise $3M in funds.

Are you the one who wants to gain hasanat jariyya?

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Our Goal

Au $3M

Current Progress


STAGE 1 Land Purchase

Paid $700,000 out of 2.3 million and secured the land in the name of Craigieburn Hub

STAGE 2 Phase 1 Construction and Permits

Phase 1 of construction requires $700,000/- to accommodate 400+ worshipers which includes:

  • Car park and land clearing
  • Concrete flooring and pavement
  • 700 m2 prayer area
  • Plumbing and electrical works
  • Fencing and gate
  • Carpet and furnishings
  • Excavation and leveling
  • Miscellaneous expenses


InshAllah to cover our project, we need 2300 people to donate $1000 each to achieve our target.

$1000 would also be equivalent to 1 Musalla (prayer space) and this would bring reward for all the prayers being performed in your musalla space all your life BiIznillah.

Don’t miss out & be part of the project!

$1000 = 1Musalla (prayer space)

$500 = Half Musalla

$100 = 1 Brick

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